CoinXtract Review – Scam or Legit Money Maker?

CoinXtract Review – Scam or Legit Money Maker?

You are welcome to my CoinXtract Review.

This potential earning opportunity caught my attention, and I decided to look into it.

If you want to know if CoinXtract is legit or a scam, you have come to the right place.

I really appreciate the fact that you don’t want to fall victim to online scam platforms, which is why I will tell you what you need to know about CoinXtract, its products and its compensation plan.

Once you are done reading, I am certain that you will make the right decision.

CoinXtract Review – About the Company

CoinXtract Review – Scam or Legit Money Maker?

There is no information on their website on who owns or runs this company.

CoinXtract is in the cryptocurrency niche that’s endeavoring to offer a passive return on investment.

According to the site, CoinXtract was created in 2016, but their domain registration says otherwise.

When I checked, the domain name ( was registered privately on September 5th, 2019 and the registration was updated on August 5th 2020.

My gut is telling me the platform became operational this year in August.

There is no address on their site, but they do have a photoshopped picture of an office building.

The website is also lacking a “contact us” section.

Their so-called “Partner’s Section” is another huge red flag; there is no way they are in partnership with actual cryptocurrencies – they are cryptos, not companies.

On their website they have two names as their founders, Gillian Muessig and Rand Fishkin.

A quick search on google for both of those names revealed that Gillian Muessig and Rand Fishkin have nothing to do with CoinXtract.

As you can see very quickly I find CoinXtract to be questionable at best.

What Are CoinXtract Products and Services

You can only promote CoinXtract affiliate membership; the company has no product or service to offer.

To promote their affiliate membership, you will have to become an affiliate, and you will have to invest to participate in the passive income opportunity.

Whenever a ‘company”has no retail product or service to offer, it’s possible you’re dealing with a Pyramid or Ponzi scheme.

CoinXtract is similar to other cryptocurrency mlm’s I’ve reviewed on this website such as:

Compensation Plan

Affiliates on the platform are promised ROI (return on investment) after 15 days when they invest in bitcoin. You will receive ROI of 2.5% daily for 15 days when you invest 100 USD.

You can cash out your profits after 15 days and withdraw your capital after 30 days. There is no limit to the about of money you can invest.


CoinXtract only has a one-tier affiliate program, and you can make 10% of personally sponsored affiliates when they invest.

There is no limit to the number of people you can recruit.

Also, CoinXtract does not offer additional bonuses or residual commissions.

Registration Costs

Becoming an affiliate is free; however, you will have to invest at least $100 in bitcoin to partake in its investment opportunity.

My Verdict of CoinXtract

I will be real and honest with you in this review. I don’t think you should invest in this company; there are so many red flags.

There is no information about the owner or the people running this platform.

No contact or address information is provided and they are flaunting a photoshopped office on their site.

They claim to be in existence since 2016, but their domain registration says otherwise.

Also, they claim they generate revenue from mining and trading cryptos, but there is no evidence to support this claim.

I don’t think this platform is legit. The only thing they do is use money from new investors to pay existing investors.

If you don’t want to lose your money, do not join or invest.

There are so many shady things about CoinXtract, and I don’t recommend it.

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1 thought on “CoinXtract Review – Scam or Legit Money Maker?”

  1. Its all a scam, I traded with different brokers, and most of them disappear when you make a withdrawal request, some of them will try to convince you not to withdraw and instead invest more while others will actually allow you to withdraw a little amount so they can build your trust and after that, they begin to make large requests.

    I lost $75,250 to these fraudulent brokers, I was depressed for months…


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