Coffee Shop Millionaire Review – Can This Make You Money?

Coffee Shop Millionaire Review - Can This Make You Money?

The Coffee Shop Millionaire Review is important because I want to help you understand if you can make money with this platform.

The Coffee Shop Millionaire has gained traction among the make-money online crowd during the past few years and has mixed reviews in places like the Warrior Forum.

Details of The Coffee Shop Millionaire:

  • Name: Coffee Shop Millionaire
  • Website:
  • Price: $37 per month and upsells. You can pay your initial $27 if you try to navigate away from the video.
  • The first upsell is the “Six Figure Success Club” for $297
  • Buying hosting for 2 years as recommended is a second upsell: This is going to cost you $100+
  • Having to buy your own “tools” is not good. You have to buy your domain acquisition and website development!
  • Type of business: Website building course
  • Owner: Anthony Trister
  • Overall Rank: 3 out of 5

Personally, I really like the sales video for The Coffee Shop Millionaire because the owner Anthony Trister is front and center for his own product.

Good or bad, you know this is Anthony Trister’s platform.

What is the Coffee Shop Millionaire Program? 

It’s an online business program that endeavors to teach you how to make money online from home.

Coffee Shop Millionaire Review - Can This Make You Money?

      Anthony Trister, Creator of The Coffee Shop Millionaire

Coffee Shop Millionaire Review – What Is It About?

When I look at the program, it’s focused on selling us the Coffee Shop Millionaire than really helping you to learn how to make money online with quality, sustainable business.

Immediately I notice this program is different than the program I use to create a thriving affiliate marketing business.

Here’s a red flag: If you try to navigate away from the video, you’ll see a window like the one below pop up.

Coffee Shop Millionaire Review - Can This Make You Money?

If you’re trying to build a real online business, I wouldn’t purchase an internet marketing product that has connected to it the statement “As Seen On TV”!

Also, the third paragraph on the pop-up says “We provide everything else.”

Reading this you may conclude if you pay your membership fee of $27 you’ll have everything you need to start building your online business.

However, that’s not entirely true. I’ll explain as we go along in this review.

Is this program “newbie” friendly?

This platform can be used by newbies although it’s better suited for individuals with some experience.

Pros and Cons of Coffee Shop Millionaire

Coffee Shop Millionaire Review - Can You Make Money With It?

The Pros – What I Like:

  • Anthony Trister has the decency to tell his customers that the program does not make you money overnight
  • Although some of the content is outdated, Coffee Shop Millionaire does give you the basics as to how to build an online business.

The Cons – What I Don’t Like:

  • There’s no plan of action, no systematic approach with this program. Just 12 training modules with some videos and a so-called “cheat sheet”.
  • Outdated training in some modules.
  • The price for the program used to be $37 but is now $47. I’m a little concerned it may increase more in the future.
  • Personally, I find using the word “millionaire” with this program misleading. There’s not enough training in this program to provide a million-dollar income.
  • Support for questions or other issues takes too long by email.
  • There’s NO community available as it is with my #1 recommendation.
  • If you’ve read some of my posts, you know I HATE UPSELLS. This program has annoying upsells.

How does The Coffee Shop Millionaire Work?

The Coffee Shop Millionaire starts with a relatively small upfront cost of $37.

Afterward, you’re hit with an upsell of $297.

This upsell is for the Six Figure Success Club, which guarantees by signing up for this “mentoring” it will accelerate your success with Coffee Shop Millionaire.

Also, the way the upsell is presented, you’re not obligated to buy it, but if you don’t you’re left feeling you didn’t give yourself the best chance to succeed.

You’ve already spent $37.

Now you’re asking yourself: Should I stretch my budget to accommodate this upsell?

If you do it, now you’re sitting at $334 before you make one red cent.

This is the reason why I detest upsells.

Any program that lures you in and then tries to milk more money out of you is designed to make the owner more money, leaving you, the customer, with an empty wallet to show for it.

The program I use to build my online business NEVER asks for upsells.

Also, everything you need is made available to you so you can FOCUS on building your websites and creating content.

And because you are already somewhat committed to the purchase, since you’ve already spent $37, you stretch your budget to accommodate this.

Now you’ve spent $334 before you’ve made one red cent.

Will This Program Really Help You?

As you get into the training, Coffee Shop Millionaire endeavors to help you build your first website,

However, some of the content that it recommends using seems to be outdated PLR content.

I don’t recommend using PLR content unless you are experienced and know how to rewrite it to make it unique.

Therefore, if you are a “newbie” just starting out, you should not use PLR content.

Another area I’m not happy with is in the training Anthony insists you buy hosting for 2 years.

However, if you’re just starting out, why in the world would you buy hosting for 2 years when you can initially pay for it monthly?

The only reason I can think of is the owner, Anthony Trister, gets a commission from signing you up for hosting.

On the other hand, Wealthy Affiliate includes WordPress website templates and hosting.

You can start your own 7-day free trial to get a feel for the platform.

Similarly, the WordPress themes offered in Wealthy Affiliate are outstanding and the website builder is very newbie-friendly.

Is Support Available?

One very important aspect of building your very own affiliate marketing business is support.

Anthony the owner claims that the Coffee Shop Millionaire has great support if you need it.

Similarly, the problem with support is it consists of sending in emails.

Usually, it takes 2-3 days to get one email answered. At that rate, it could take a week or more to get ONE ISSUE resolved!

Also, some who have bought Coffee Shop Millionaire have complained that some of their support tickets have actually gone unanswered.

Coffee Shop Millionaire does have a Facebook group that some have complained is ineffective.

However, if you think you’re going to get help and support from this Facebook group, don’t hold your breath.

Many have found the so-called community for Coffee Shop Millionaire to be really disappointing.

It’s not a vibrant, active community at all, and trying to communicate with members of Coffee Shop Millionaire is not easy.

Actually, it’s downright difficult.

On the other hand, the community at Wealthy Affiliate provides excellent support.

What I appreciate the most is the support is quick, accurate, and available literally 24/7.

Who is The Coffee Shop Millionaire For?

The Coffee Shop Millionaire claims to be a platform for anyone who wanted to learn the basics of affiliate marketing.

However, If you are new to affiliate marketing, I would NOT recommend Coffee Shop Millionaire.

Although the program is marketed toward inexperienced beginners, it’s best suited for marketers with some online experience because you have to acquire your own online tools.

Similarly, when you watch the video introducing you to Coffee Shop Millionaire you say to yourself “Yeah…That’s the kind of lifestyle I want too!”

You purchase the program believing you can have that same lifestyle without understanding the reality of internet marketing.

To clarify, this program is way better suited to veterans or those who already have prior experience in online marketing.

However, if you are a “newbie” you can benefit from The Coffee Shop Millionaire.

If you want to differentiate between a scam and a legit online business program, legit programs do NOT have needless upsells and are serious about helping you make money.

However, scam programs will always have hidden upsells aimed at sucking your money dry because the owners are greedy and only care about sucking your wallet dry.

Wealthy Affiliate is a quality platform. They don’t tell you what you want to hear just to get you hooked and then milk more money out of you with unexpected upsells.

Coffee Shop Millionaire Review – My Final Thoughts

Of all the products I’ve reviewed, Wealthy Affiliate remains my #1 recommendation because to date; I have yet to find a better home business program that can replace its features.

Nonetheless, The Coffee Shop Millionaire is a LEGIT product; it IS NOT a scam.

Therefore, Coffee Shop Millionaire lacks many things that make up an ideal online business program so here’s a table comparison in a nutshell:

Here are some additional resources for your consideration:

My Final Thoughts on The Coffee Shop Millionaire

Anthony Trister is a great salesman and he’s very convincing.

However, when it comes to creating a platform that has everything included to build a successful online business, The Coffee Shop Millionaire falls short.

With all those upsells, outdated training plus very limited support, the Coffee Shop Millionaire receives my rating of 2 out of 5.

I really like the fact that the owner, Anthony Trister, immediately lets you know he’s the owner and that this is his platform.

Also, The Coffee Shop Millionaire is a Clickbank Product, and Clickbank rarely, if ever, verifies the accuracy and trustworthiness of the products on their platform.

If you have any personal experiences with The Coffee Shop Millionaire, or other comments you want to share, feel free to do so below.

As far as The Coffee Shop Millionaire Review, I can honestly say the platform has some good features but is lacking in quality tools and good support for its members.

Since I’m really adamant about great business-building tools and excellent support and I hate upsells,, I don’t necessarily recommend The Coffee Shop Millionaire.

Honestly, it’s not a bad product, but it’s lacking in some key features.

However, in the interest of full disclosure, I’ve included links to The Coffee Shop Millionaire.

Why include affiliate links if I don’t recommend it, you ask?

Because there will always be people who disagree with me and still prefer to check out The Coffee Shop Millionaire and actually purchase it!


This is life, man…That’s just the way it is…

However, If you’re looking for a way to start a viable business online, check out my review of the very platform I use and highly recommend: Wealthy Affiliate.

Talk Soon,


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3 thoughts on “Coffee Shop Millionaire Review – Can This Make You Money?”

  1. I love your honesty! I agree there are much better options out there. I feel if I had $337 to start my online business on the side (disposable income technically since I don’t know if I will succeed without trying it first), I would probably not have been looking in the first place. Personally, I like your number one pick, Wealthy Affiliate. That’s what I went with and still haven’t come close to spending $300 and I can already see the success coming my way. Yes, I do have to work at it everyday. If it was too easy, everyone would be doing it right?

  2. Thank you, Howard, for reviewing the Coffeeshop Millionaire in great detail and honestly, l don’t like hidden upsells too. I’ve seen too much of these type of programs with the same modus operandi. Despite the program does provide you with some basic training, it won’t worth your time and money as there is no plan action and instant support.

    FYI, I’m a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate too and am totally agreed with you that they really provide all the features you need to succeed in your online business. They care for your success and hundred thousand community are there to help you if you are stuck at anywhere.

    I encourage you to try it out if you keen to venture into this business. 

    Warmest regards

    Shui Hyen

  3. HI There. Great review about the coffee shop millionaire. I prefer the programs that have one set price like the one you are showing at the end. The Wealthy Affiliate has only one set price and no hiding or additional up sales. I don’t like the programs that offer you one price and ones you inside they come up with an up sell like this coffee shop millionaire. 

    Thank you for sharing this review about the coffee shop millionaire.


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