CitizenMe Surveys – Is This Survey Platform Worth Your Time?

CitizenMe Surveys – Is This Survey Platform Worth Your Time?

It isn’t easy to find a survey platform that is worth your time these days.

Finding a survey that you will qualify to earn rewards may require you to fill out preliminary questions for different surveys.

If you are here to know more about CitizenMe Surveys, and if you can make money with this survey panel, continue reading.

This brief post will tell you all you need to know about CitizenMe.

About CitizenMe

The company is unique and how they collect your data and opinion is quite different from other survey platforms.

CitizenMe admits to storing your data, which is done in your personal data cloud.

Any information they share will be done with your permission, and you will be rewarded.

The company also works with data scientists to provide you with tools to get insights about your social media profiles: this is optional.

You can see your profile’s appearance, the content of your profile, and so on.

This feature is unique, and it makes the platform exciting – and you earn in the process.

Looking at the website the layout is simple, and navigation is easy.

You can easily access your account, connect with the people running the website, and participate in surveys.

Although you get to see some bug issues, most are quickly resolved.

Sign Up and Use of The Website

CitizenMe Surveys – Is This Survey Platform Worth Your Time?

CitizenMe is a mobile survey application, so you can only use it on your phone.

Your digital data are saved on the app, but it cannot share your information unless you approve it. You will be rewarded when you allow the app to share your data with particular surveys.

Follow these simple steps to register:

  • Search your app store for CitizenMe app
  • Download and install on your mobile device
  • Launch app and register; you will be asked to provide your basic information
  • Provide your PayPal
  • Participate in surveys
  • Receive instant payments

You will hardly see any survey platform that is more accessible and convenient than CitizenMe. Registration and payout on this platform are simple. You can also partake in surveys on the go.

Another interesting feature about this platform is that it does not use the points system for rewards, and you can withdraw your earnings anytime you want (no withdraw threshold).

You can receive instant payment via PayPal every time you finish a survey.

You may not be able to withdraw huge amounts at a single time due to the number of surveys available; however, you can accumulate your earnings by taking these surveys.

Keep in mind that the payout is low, as is the case with all survey websites.

Reports from Users

I came across several interesting reports on this site.

Although some reported that the platform is not that lucrative and the pay is small, they love the fact that CitizenMe is fun and easy to use.

You receive instant payment after completing a short survey.

Users also reported that the app has a lot of bugs.

The app happens to crash during usage, causing frustrations when taking surveys to get paid.

This is not a big problem as buggy issues are quickly resolved.

Is CitizenMe Worth my Time?

You can give this platform a try. Installation and usage are simple and straightforward.

Plus, you get paid instantly when you take surveys.

CitizenMe is similar to other legit survey/GPT platforms I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

What I Like

  • Ask for permission before sharing your data
  • Quick surveys
  • Instant payments
  • Fun surveys
  • Use CitizenMen mobile app on the go
  • Provide insight into your online usage

What I Don’t Like

  • Limited surveys
  • Low payment
  • Users complain of phantom notifications (surveys that are not really there)

CitizenMe Is A Legit Survey Panel

If you are interested in making little cash from taking surveys on your mobile device, you can give CitizenMe a try. You get paid instantly after taking surveys, and the app is interesting and easy to use.

You have nothing to lose if you choose to use this app. There is no minimum payout threshold, surveys take a shorter time to complete, and you get paid immediately.

With all that said, you still need to understand a very important point:

Regarding survey websites, you are literally working for pennies on the dollar when it comes to the amount of money you actually make in comparison to the amount of time spent on these surveys.

As a matter of fact, filling out surveys is one of the worst ways to make money online.

When you compare the amount of time spent with the money you make, the compensation isn’t worth it.

It doesn’t matter how active you try to be on these survey/GPT websites.

Regardless if you complete surveys, download cash offers, take polls, complete tasks and refer people to generate points and commissions, you will always make very little money.

Even if you try to combine a number of survey panels in an effort to make decent money, you will always fall short.

Survey Panels Were Not Designed For You To Make Good Money From.

Another problem with survey websites is you don’t qualify for every survey and most survey websites don’t send you surveys on a regular basis.

Similarly, with survey/GPT websites, you are never in control of the money you make because you are not in control of the actual platform from which the surveys originate.

What does that mean for you?

It means that you can never rely on survey websites to make a full time income and that you really need to build your own online business.

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