Can You Make Money with Digital Payday? Probably Not!

Can You Make Money with Digital Payday? Probably Not!

Online scamming is on the rise, which is why I ask the question Can You Make Money With Digital Payday?

Especially is scamming on the rise in the make money online niche.

Take Digital Payday for example.

Digital Payday is another failed program that was operating online but the URL is no longer working.

How on earth can someone brand new to internet marketing make $50,000 in just a few months from starting?! 

The “owners” of Digital Payday tried to convince you that this was possible.

This is absolutely FALSE and a total LIE!

Therefore, what can we learn from examining another scam product like Digital Payday?

Can You Make Money With Digital Payday? Reviewing A Failed System

  • Name: Digital Payday
  • Website: – the URL is no longer working
  • What’s the Price: Supposedly Free
  • Name of the Owners: Digital Payday had a FAKE owner who goes by the name of “Daniel Bluth”
  • Was this a SCAM product? Absolutely!

Without mincing words, Digital Payday claimed you could make $5,000 within 24 hours, without working.

Also, they claimed that there were people, just like you, who were making thousands of dollars within the first month of joining. 

Similarly, your success rate is guaranteed, as they had a working secret formula and a winning system that ensures that you make money. 

When you think about it, most “get-rich-quick” schemes say the same thing.

Please understand this: There is no “secret formula” to making money online! There never has been.

Nonetheless, you will hear scammers say the following:

“All you have to do is set up our system in 30 minutes and with three simple steps, your business runs on autopilot.” 

“Boom! Watch as money flows into your bank account,” the owners of Digital Payday would claim.

However, I’m here to tell you that this is not how online marketing works. 

There has NEVER been a make-money-online program that works that fast.

Digital Payday Had A FAKE Owner

Can You Make Money with Digital Payday? Probably Not!

Digital Payday’s owner was supposedly a guy named Daniel Bluth. The reason I say “supposedly” is because this “owner” isn’t real. He’s FAKE.

Furthermore, you can see from this search, the image of “Daniel Bluth” was actually purchased from an online stock photo website.

Can You Make Money with Digital Payday? Probably Not!

Why in the world would I want to place my trust in a program whose owner is hiding his real identity?

Digital Payday Ripped Off Gary Vaynerchuk’s Signature

Below is the so-called “signature” of Digital Payday’s “owner” Daniel Bluth.

However, it’s not even a real signature! It’s a ripoff of motivational speaker Gary Vaynerchuk’s signature.

You could be half-blind and see the similarities!

Can You Make Money with Digital Payday? Probably Not!
Can You Make Money with Digital Payday? Probably Not!

Digital Payday Created FAKE Endorsement From Mark Zuckerburg

Notice the screenshot below. This was an actual conference in Malaysia with Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg.

Can You Make Money with Digital Payday? Probably Not!

Look at the next image below. Someone photoshopped an image of Digital Payday to make it look as if it was being endorsed by Zuckerberg!

Can You Make Money with Digital Payday? Probably Not!

So far the evidence shows that Digital Payday was a SCAM; The owner of this website spared no effort to get you to part with your hard-earned money!

Digital Payday Used FAKE Testimonials

Below is a so-called “testimonial” from the Digital Payday sales video. As you can see, this guy was bought and paid for from!

Can You Make Money with Digital Payday? Probably Not!

Can You Make Money with Digital Payday? Probably Not!

Here’s another FAKE “testimonial” on the Digital Payday sales video, courtesy of!

Can You Make Money with Digital Payday? Probably Not!

Can You Make Money with Digital Payday? Probably Not!

There are actually MORE examples I could site of the use of fake testimonials from this platform!

As you can plainly see, It’s just one lie after another with Digital Payday!

Lessons You Can Learn From Digital Payday

Websites like Digital Payday feed you lies and misinformation in order to play with your emotions.

Likewise, if they can play with your emotions, that can suck your wallet dry.

Digital Payday feeds you the idea that you can live the life you have always wanted by using their passive income generator. 

Similarly, there’s no solid and concrete explanation on how it really works. Digital Payday is all just fake claims and false promises.

The sales video was so worthless, that you were left wondering how this business really worked.

Interestingly, Digital Payday gave you an opportunity to sign up for free. 

In the sign-up process, you have to give your basic information (name, email address, and mobile number). 

Also, immediately after the sign-up process, you are directed to Clicks Dealer.

Clicks Dealer Will Suck Your Wallet Dry!

Can You Make Money with Digital Payday? Probably Not!

Clicks Dealer is merely an “ad flipping” company under the disguise of a system that helps people make money online.

At this stage, you will need to cough up nothing less than $250 to start with Clicks Dealer. 

Let me state that you may never be able to get this money back no matter what.

Similarly, according to the sales video, you will be introduced to a marketplace where you get to see different ads (in the form of banners). 

Any banner you see carries a price tag and that’s what you pay for.                   

Digital Payday Didn’t Make Sense At All

Actually, there is no way you are going to earn from the advertising company that you are putting your ads on.

What ads do simply is to get you a potential customer that you can sell to and make money. 

However, the fact that you get a potential customer doesn’t mean they will eventually buy.

Therefore, as a newbie, you should NOT be buying banner ads. 

When new online marketers are encouraged to buy banner ads, that’s a HUGE red flag!

The process of buying banner ads goes like this:

The ads agency will collect money from an advertiser to post an ad on their platform.

The advertiser earns when a customer buys from the ads posted.

Publishers like me can take those ads and promote them across my website.

Furthermore, as visitors read or scan my content, they may click on a banner or link that catches their interest.

In turn, I’m paid a small commission from the money the advertiser spent on those ads.

My point is, new affiliate marketers have very little to zero experience with banner ads.

These online sharks know this and flat-out don’t care.

Much of their revenue is based on your ignorance and inexperience.

They make a TON of money from people who don’t know the best way to use banner ads.

Digital Payday was similar to a number of other so-called make money online programs I’ve reviewed such as:

Digital Payday – Another Scam Bites The Dust

How do you avoid getting scammed? Don’t buy similar programs like Digital Payday.

Nonetheless, in spite of the fact that there are SCAM online platforms trying to steal your money, don’t be discouraged about the prospect of making legitimate money online. 

There are hundreds of thousands of ordinary people making five and six-figure incomes through online marketing.

However, you must work for it. Internet marketing is not a lazy man’s work.

Therefore, anything that claims otherwise, please run far away from it.

In conclusion, based on the above facts, I don’t recommend ANY so-called make money online programs similar to Digital Payday.

Yet, I can assure you that there are several methods of making money online that can earn you enough money in time that will easily replace your 9-5 job. 

You CAN Make Money Online, It’s Possible!

If you go online and you are looking for some kind of fast money, you will find people who will easily scam you.

When you see information that says, ‘you can make a lot of money online, but it won’t happen overnight and you will need several months to a year or more of hard work to make it happen’, it is easy to not listen to them.

Unfortunately, the majority of people who are searching for how to make money online want fast solutions with very little work!

With that type of mindset, it’s very easy to become quick prey to online scammers who set up websites like Digital Payday!

There is no way to make a lot of money online without hard work and patience.

So, take this as a piece of advice from me: Stop looking for an online business that promises to instantly help you make money online with little effort in a short period of time.

Check out my detailed review of the platform thousands of ordinary people have used to create extraordinary incomes.

I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Talk Soon,


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