BullRun Review – Legit Smart Contract Or A Dumb Scam?

BullRun Review - Legit Smart Contract Or A Dumb Scam?

Today, I’m doing a quick Bull Run Review.

I’m not an affiliate of Bull Run. I’m just here to do a straight-up on biased review by a non-affiliate in the form of an informative blog post.

Regarding BullRun, couldn’t figure out who is running the company.

What we seem to be dealing with here is a case of anonymous ownership, which is a huge red flag.

Here’s another red flag: When you look at the Alexa traffic statistics, the main sources of traffic to BullRunis Nigeria (29%), Cote d’Ivoire (21%) and Russia (7%).

Here is a lesson you need to learn: One of the reasons why these cryptocurrency type MLM businesses target countries like Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, and Russia is because the people in these countries are easy to scam.

Also, there is no strict government regulatory oversite in these countries against Ponzi and Pyramid schemes.

Therefore, scammers know where the easy pickings are and that’s where they target.

BullRun Review – A Scam Is Possible

Getting back toBullRun, there is No president, no CEO, CFO or CTO.

No co-founders, leadership council, no one claiming any ownership or responsibilty for this company, system, and platform.

Also, the domain itself, bullrun.live, was privately registered on January 10th, 2020.

I was looking for an address and unfortunately, I don’t see that they’re posting any.

They have something that says contract address but it has no link so you can’t click on it.

So I can’t tell you where these anonymous people behind Bull Run are located.

Unfortunately, Bull Run has no retailable products or services at the moment. The only thing a network marketer can market is the make money membership itself.

The compensation plan is quite simple. You’re dealing with two different type of matrices, two by one and a three by one matrix cycler.

Also, on the BullRun website it makes this fantastic claim:

BullRun Review - Legit Smart Contract Or A Dumb Scam?

Did you notice that? BullRun is saying that it’s “unstoppable and scam free?”

I’ll get right to the point: BullRun uses newly invested funds to pay existing investors and therefore is a Ponzi scheme.

It doesn’t matter if a Ponzi cycler is run off a regular script or a cryptocurrency script, any way you look at it it’s still investment fraud.

What we have here is a good old-fashioned cryptocurrency scam.

How BullRun Is Supposed To Work

BullRun Review - Legit Smart Contract Or A Dumb Scam?

This is how it works: BullRun affiliates buy matrix cycler positions for 0.1 Ethereum.

BullRun Review - Legit Smart Contract Or A Dumb Scam?
Courtesy of cointelegraph.com

BullRun matrix sites include 2×1 matrix and a 3×1 matrix.

With a 2X1 matrix you only need 2 spots to fill.

A 3×1 matrix expands the necessary positions to be filled to 3 spots.

How are these positions filled? You guessed it – by direct and indirect recruitment of new BullRun affiliates.

As affiliates are placed in the matrix, commissions are paid out.

Once a matrix is full, the position at the top of the matrix cycles out.

At this point, profits can be kept or put towards entry into the next cycler tier.

Referral Commissions

BullRun Review - Legit Smart Contract Or A Dumb Scam?

The great majority of people who are going to promote this are after the referral commissions.

Bull Run seems to be using uni-line compensation plan, which is quite standard in this industry.

Apparently, they’re paying to a depth of a hundred levels deep.

How this works here is if you decide to get started with Bull Run, you’re going to have to go out there and pay a fee.

The fee is the cost of 0.1 ETH that will get you a position on one of these cyclers.

The idea here is most of the emphasis is being placed on sponsoring and recruitment.

Positions are usually filled directly meaning you’ll have to go out there and convince other people to join as well as indirectly, meaning that the company will help you fill these positions.

As positions fill on each tier, a cycle will be generated and a commission will be paid out.

So the referral commissions work like this: Using the uni-line compensation plan for level one, for all of your personally sponsored people, you’re looking at 0.01 ETH.

For level two, a 0.005 ETH; level three, 0.00025 ETH; levels four right down to 100, you’re looking at a flat rate of 0.0025 ETH.

Cost to join Bull Run, 0.1 ETH to get you a cycler position.

These Types Of Schemes Continue To Show Up

BullRun Review - Legit Smart Contract Or A Dumb Scam?

Let me get to a quick conclusion on the verdict.

It’s amazing to me that even during the COVID-19 pandemic you still see a lot of these types of deals surfacing on the internet.

I’m kind of surprised that a lot of them are still being created in the time that we are in with the global crisis going on this planet.

However, anonymous people are still creating these fraudulent systems, and anonymous people are still finding ambitious network marketers to go out there and create free advertising for these malignant scammers.

Bull Run seems to be marketing itself as some type of unstoppable deal that is scam free.

That is an absolute joke because cryptocurrency Ponzi schemes are growing like mushrooms and there’s slow down anytime soon.

To me personally, my verdict is I don’t recommend these type of deals.

I don’t join anything or promote anything that I don’t know who the owner is.

The problem with these types of cryptocurrency Ponzi schemes usually lies with system collapse.

Once recruitment dies down, the great majority of people end up losing money, whether the business owner is anonymous or whether they have an entire executive team splattered on the front of the website.

Here is another trend: usually if they have an owner or an executive team, 99% of these people are stock images with fake names and fake biographies.

If they actually produce a real “CEO”, it’s usually a Fiverr.con actor or a ghost CEO that you can’t go after legally by law.

Bull Run Review – Red Flags All Over The Place

BullRun Review - Legit Smart Contract Or A Dumb Scam?

Red Flag #1:Who in their right mind would send money to people they don’t know or can’t contact?

Red Flag #2: There are no products or services that are available by retail to the general public.

Red Flag #3: The third red flag is they’re offering an ROI.

You cannot offer a return on investment unless you’re registered with your government regulatory body which allows you legally to offer securities.

Red Flag #4: My final red flag is I’m not seeing any external revenue coming into this platform to keep the whole deal running.

The only thing that I’m seeing here is a lot of claims, a lot of talk and a lot of sponsoring and recruitment.

With these types of Ponzi schemes, once the network marketers stop recruiting, eventually it will trigger a collapse.

Likewise, the anonymous people, they will just run away with your hard-earned money.

Then they will set up another SCAM network marketing Ponzi scheme and sit back and watch the money roll in…

BullRun assimilar to other SCAM programs I’ve reviewed on this website such as:

Would I Recommend Joining BullRun?

Absolutely not!

This is a SCAM from top to bottom.

Not just a SCAM, but a cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme.

Ponzi schemes are not on my list of recommendations.

However, what I would recommend is building your own affiliate marketing business.

The platform I would recommend to do this is called Wealthy Affiliate.

Why Do I Recommend Wealthy Affiliate?

Why would I recommend building your own affiliate marketing business?

Wealthy Affiliate is a step-by-step program that takes you by the hand and teaches you how to build an affiliate marketing business so you can quickly start to achieve your goals of making money online. 

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In return this allows you to create a high-converting website of your own in a fraction of the time. 

However, you might be wondering how you’re going to figure out the technical aspects of building your business. 

I know exactly how you feel.

In fact, I felt the same way when I started!

And up until recently, there really was a brutal learning curve.

In fact, it was worse than most people realize!

But with Wealthy Affiliate, I found a simple way to get my website built that’s 100% tech-free.

I was able to build everything in a few days, and it was so easy …

I didn’t even have to read the directions!

In fact, there was no software to install, no “code” of any kind.

When I think about it …it was actually fun!”

Even better, you can create a FREE account so you can try out Wealthy Affiliate and actually have a look around without spending one dime.

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What are you going to do?

Talk soon,


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