Billy Gene Is Marketing Review – Will This Work For You?

Billy Gene Is Marketing Review - Will This Work For You?

Welcome to my Billy Gene Is Marketing Review.

Billy Gene is a marketing company owned by none other than (you guessed it) Billy Gene.

Perhaps you came across his ads on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, or you are interested in getting his courses.

The question is can YOU make money with this platform? This post will attempt to answer the question.

Billy Gene is Marketing is a company that focuses on marketing for online and offline businesses. Billy Gene Is Marketing generates millions of dollars in sales annually by teaching people and businesses how to sell.

Gene’s story is very motivational. He tells the story of how he transformed his life from living in his girlfriend and parents’ house to buying a Bentley and now managing a marketing agency that generates millions of dollars in revenue annually.

With those facts presented, let’s look in more detail into Billy Gene Is Marketing.

Billy Gene Is Marketing Review – Why Is Billy Gene Successful?

Billy Gene Is Marketing Review - Will This Work For You?

Billy Gene Shaw has learned how to harness the power of social media marketing and has made millions doing so.

When you consider the advertising revenue from social media marketing giants like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the profit potential for marketers who know how to advertise on these platforms is staggering.

The following facts from shows how far-reaching social media has become:

  • Facebook raked in over $13 BILLION from ads just last quarter (a 3 month span).
  • On average, people around the world spend 2 hours and 15 minutes every day on social media.
  • More than 150 million users have a conversation with businesses through Instagram Direct each month.
  • There are 30+ million active YouTube users every single day watching for 40 minutes, on average, per session.
  • On average, 50% of people use Facebook daily, while only 39% watch television.

Basically, Billy Gene has learned how to successfully harness the power of social media advertising and has also taught his clients how to do so.

Billy Gene Is Marketing Review – A No Nonsense Approach To Making Money Online

When you spend a few minutes on Billy Gene’s YouTube channel, you quickly notice his no-nonsense, yet entertaining approach.

His marketing videos aren’t formal and in order to get the maximum impact for his viewers, he records many of his videos impromptu and in real-time.

What many marketers and students like about Billy Gene is along with his humor he endeavors to add emotion and excitement when trying to teach very important aspects of sales and selling.

One successful part of Billy Gene Is Marketing is “The Gene Pool.”

The Gene Pool Membership

Billy Gene Is Marketing Review - Will This Work For You?

The Gene Pool is a membership program which includes the following:

  • Weekly training LIVE with Billy Gene himself along with a Q&A session – Every week he focuses on a new skill designed to improve your digital marketing.
  • The Gene Pool gives you access to an archive of previously recorded training
  • You get valuable monthly insight from millionaire entrepreneurs on a particular “skill of the month”
  • The membership gives you access to the Billy Gene’s exclusive Facebook group

The Genius Entrepreneurs

To name a few of the entrepreneurs who you will learn from in the Gene Pool is a who’s who of marketing: Grant Cardone, Kevin Harrington, Daymond John, John Lee Dumas, Lewis Howes, Neil Patel and many others…

Just a few of the marketing issues discussed by the Genius Entrepreneurs include:

  • What are the best ways to build a brand
  • How do you get motivated when you’re down
  • What Is involved in creating loyal followers and customers for life
  • How to create a killer ad strategy that works
  • The best way to grow your business with Instagram
  • How can you learn from the early struggles and big-time mistakes of others

When you join Billy Gene’s Gene Pool, you get access to much detailed and effective training on what actually works, not “theories” or “estimations.”

Below are the topics Billy Gene’s Gene Pool covers:

  • Skill #1: The Fundamentals of Persuasive Writing
  • Skill 2: The Fundamentals of Great Video Content
  • The Fundamentals of Effective Selling: Skill #3
  • Skill #4: The Fundamentals of Facebook Advertising
  • The Fundamentals of Automation: Skill #5
  • Skill #6: The Fundamentals of Live Streaming
  • Skill #7: The Fundamentals of Prospecting
  • The Fundamentals of A Membership Site: Skill #8
  • Skill #9: The Fundamentals of How To Tell Stories That Sell Sh*t
  • The Fundamentals of Making Money: Skill #10
  • Skill #11: Facebook Messenger Ads
  • Skill #12: Instagram Advertising
  • Content Creation: Skill #13
  • Lead Generation: Skill #14
  • Skill #15: Landing Pages
  • Skill #16: How To Write Ad Copy That Sells
  • Advanced Targeting is Skill #17
  • Skill #18: Video Production For Geniuses
  • Advanced Livestream is Skill #19
  • Dissecting Ads That Don’t Work: Skill #20
  • Skill #21 Re targeting on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram
  • Skill #22: Content Creation 2.0
  • Sales, Negotiations and Contracts is Skill #23
  • Skill #24: Internal Operations

Billy Gene’s Marketing Content

What you notice before long is the large number of testimonials that grace the website for Billy Gene Is Marketing. The video testimonials are legit and the people giving testimonials really express appreciation for the content in the courses.

Billy Gene is most known for YouTube marketing and YouTube videos. He has gotten over 350 million views only from his YouTube videos. So obviously, he is an expert on monetizing YouTube.

Also, apart from YouTube, Billy Gene also focuses on paid advertising, sales, and funnels. Having these important skills has added to the success of his business.

His YouTube channel has been on since 2013, and he has posted over one thousand videos and gets one hundred thousand views for them on an annual basis.

Billy Gene’s Marketing Courses

A thriving community with a lot of evidence of their success and a lot of uploads on successful courses would be more trusting and effective than getting new courses that are uploaded chronically.

Below is an overview of some of his really popular courses:

Clicks Into Customers 2.0 ($1497)

This course teachers viewers how to do paid advertisements, funnel creation, and how to convert people to sales. It’s a nice course, pretty decent. But look at that money; $1497! it honestly isn’t worth it.

Up next, we have:

YouTube Advertising For Geniuses ($997)

Billy Gene’s YouTube Advertising For Geniuses costs $997, which is a big investment if you are new in online marketing.

There is pretty much no magic or secret on how YouTube ads work; you can get knowledge on them from basically any good online business marketer, especially one that doesn’t cost $997.

My only problem with this course, as with Billy Gene’s other courses, is the price. It is too expensive for the average “newbie.”

After all, you aren’t going to get information on YouTube ads that do not exist outside Billy Gene’s company.

Sell Like A Genius ($997)

Sell Like A Genius is for ALL sales situations, both online and offline.

This course is about closing digital sales, closing sales on the phone, closing sales on email, or any other sales situation.

You may find other good sales courses online that are effective and cost less that $997, if money is an issue for you.

The Genius Accelerator ($997)

In this virtual workshop, you gain knowledge on how funnels work. The price is $997! ($997 seems to be a popular price point. I’m pretty sure there’s some psychological reason for offering courses at $997!)

There’s a direct, scientific method to effective funnel creation and Billy Gene covers the important aspects of it in The Genius Accelerator.

Again, there are alternative courses on funnels that cost less in comparison to Billy Gene’s $997 course.

As great as Billy Gene’s courses are, you don’t have to spend that much money to learn funnels.

However, if you can afford paying $997 or more, you can’t go wrong with any one of these courses.

Billy Gene’s courses is somewhat similar to other platforms I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

Billy Gene Is Marketing – Can It Help You Learn How To Make Money Online?

Billy Gene Is Marketing Review - Will This Work For You?

Let me say that I am not an affiliate for Billy Gene Is Marketing.

Billy Gene Is Marketing is completely legit and his courses provide outstanding value.

However, there is a statement on BillyGene’s website that I want to discuss, which is the following:

Most of the content on this blog is geared toward people who are new or starting out at learning how to make money online.

The people starting out are on a budget, or like myself, have very little money to start out with.

In my case, I didn’t even have a credit card.

So I wasn’t in a position, as Billy Gene says, to “Borrow it. Put it on a credit card and pay it off later.”

Similarly, I wouldn’t have a problem with that statement if the following facts from the Disclaimer of Liability page on Billy Gene’s website were not true:

Billy Gene is Marketing, Inc. (“BGIM”) makes no representation or warranty as to the completeness or accuracy of the information provided on or in connection with this website (the “Website”) and disclaims all warranties, express and implied, including the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement. BGIM makes no representation, guarantee or warranty, express or implied, regarding the outcomes achieved by applying the strategies, techniques, skills, information or advice…”

What Billy Gene’s Disclaimer of Liability is saying is that there is NO GUARENTEE that buying his courses will make you money.

He’s 100% Correct

Your results will not be typical of the results found on his website testimonials.

You could have great success with his courses or you could have no success and lose your money.

Frankly, the same is true with ANY online business opportunity today.

The point is if you’re just starting out, why would you want to spend well over $1,000 on a marketing course and you have no guarantee it’s going to work for you?

I would never recommend someone just starting out to spend $997 or more on a marketing course in an area like internet marketing UNLESS you are an experienced marketer and you know what you’re getting into.

What Is My Point

Billy Gene Is Marketing is a great platform that creates courses that comes with really high price tags. He’s making lots of money out of it, though, which obviously means that people buy these courses.

My point is I wouldn’t recommend that a new online marketer buy his courses.

However, if you do buy one of his courses, never spend $997 or more unless you can afford to lose it.

If you’re paying your rent or mortgage late, putting off a car payment or utility bill to get one of these or any other online course, I would not recommend you do it!

Never spend money you can’t afford to lose – remember that “Results Aren’t Typical” and the testimonials you see on websites like Billy Gene Is Marketing does not reflect the average persons results who buys one of these courses.

What Would I Recommend?

Here is what makes sense to me, and of course, this is just my opinion:

Learn to become proficient at Affiliate Marketing.

It’s that simple.

Learn affiliate marketing and build your own online business by learning how the process works, step by step, without all the Hollywood drama, bright lights, glitz and glamour, and inflated promises.

The platform that I recommend you try is Wealthy Affiliate, and I recommend you try it for many reasons, but I’ll mention just a few.

First of all, you can open a FREE account and actually try Wealthy Affiliate without spending one dime.

Why is this important? Because if you decide you don’t like it for whatever reason, you haven’t lost $997 or more and you’re not fighting with customer service reps trying to get your money back.

That’s HUGE.

The other reason I recommend Wealthy Affiliate is the Premium Membership is only $49 a month.

For $49 dollars a month you get access to a platform that has everything you need to learn how to build your own online business.

$49 dollars a month is absolutely affordable for most people, even people who are on tight budgets.

Also, Wealthy Affiliate members aren’t bombarded with repeated upsells or promotions to buy other products.

Everything you will need is on the one Wealthy Affiliate platform.

The Premium membership from Wealthy Affiliate is by far the highest value, most cost-efficient way to create and grow an online business in 2021 and moving forward.

If you have struggled for years to build a successful business online, or feel that you don’t have the “full picture”…Wealthy Affiliate has been designed especially for YOU.

Learn how to make a life-changing income with Wealthy Affiliate!

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  1. The fact that he named the company based on his own name and on top of that the name of the company doesn’t really make sense to me; “is marketing”? 

    That doesn’t sound like a proper name to give such a huge business. 

    Also, the amount of money the courses are worth…no wonder he’s making millions of dollars. 

    If it was $997 for all of the courses then it would be reasonable but for each one? It’s outrageous. 

    • Hello Stephanie,

      Thank You for taking the time to read this post…

      Well, Billy Gene Is Marketing is making millions…That’s undeniable.

      As you can see, when you create content that solves people’s problems, you can create wealth.

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  2. Hello there! 

    I have not heard of Billy Gene Is Marketing before. The slogan that is included at the bottom seems very appealing at first glance as well. 

    But reading through your post and seeing the prices, it does seem kind of scary especially for new marketers like myself. 

    Thank you for being honest and mentioning that this program might not be for new marketers. I like your alternative suggestion though since that is the platform/program I am currently using.

    • Great Comments, Mike!

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