Beurax Review – Can You Make Big Money With This?

Beurax Review - Can You Make Big Money With This?

Welcome to this Beurax Review.

With the ever-increasing rate at which different platforms scam unsuspecting victims of their money, one can not be so sure about trusting agencies or people anymore, no matter how sincere their approach may be.

Especially platforms that claim a high ROI – if you’d just invest your hard-earned money.

Right now, claims are made about the recent pyramid-like operating platform called Beurax.

Many are wondering if Beurax is a legitimate investment or another Ponzi scam to avoid.

A concern is that the website domain of Beurax has not been registered very long (June 6th, 2020).

Beurax gives no significant information on its website about its owners and management.

Whenever a business hides or purposely refuse to give information on its owners, that’s a HUGE red flag.

Beurax Attempts To Look Authentic

Beurax Review - Can You Make Big Money With This?

In its attempt to look authentic, Beurax has a certificate with ASIC, which is the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

They are registered as “Beurax Corporation PTY LTD.”

The company has not filed for any other document with ASIC except its registration certificate.

As the evidence shows, unfortunately, the ASIC is not efficient in regulating security companies relating to Multilevel Marketing and its players.

Therefore, having your company registered with the ASIC is relatively meaningless.

Also, a marketing video on the company’s acclaimed YouTube channel captions a certain ‘Brandon Watts.’

Now, everyone is made to believe that Watts is the originator of Beurax.

In the video, “Watts” is an actor who has an eastern European accent.

The video looks like it was shot in an office space – a rented one.

I believe personally that Brandon Watts does not exist outside the marketing video Beurax made public.

At this time of publication, Alexa ranks the US and Canada as the chief traffic sources to its website.

The first lesson is, before your give money to businesses that promise to operate based on multilevel marketing, be overly cautious when they’re not revealing who the owners are.

Does Beurax Have Retail Products?

Beurax has no retail services or products. What it has are affiliate marketers who market their membership with Beurax.

Registering as an affiliate under Beurax is free. However, to earn a minimum of 20 USD, 0.1eth or 0.001 bitcoin is required.

The compensation Beurax offers is enticing as well.

It promises a daily ROI of 1.4% to 3.6% on the initial investment as high as $100,000,000 and as low as $20. Investments could be made in US dollars, bitcoin, or ethereum.

Affiliate Ranking Within Beurax

As it stands currently, there are twelve affiliate ranking in the Beurax compensation plan. This plan from the most interesting offer with qualifying conditions attached include:

  • Diamond Director – should generate $100,000,000 in total recruiting investment
  • Golden Director – should generate $50,000,000 in total recruiting investment
  • Silver Director – should generate $30,000,000 in total recruiting investment
  • Diamond Partner – should generate $10,000,000 in total recruiting investment
  • Golden Partner – should generate $3,000,000 in total recruiting investment
  • Silver Partner – should generate $1,000,000 in total recruiting investment
  • Diamond Manager – should generate $250,000 in total downline investment
  • Golden Manager – should generate $120,000 in total recruiting investment
  • Silver Manager – should generate $60,000 in total recruiting investment
  • Diamond Consultant – should generate $30,000 in total recruiting investment
  • Golden Consultant – should generate $10,000 in total recruiting investment
  • Silver Consultant – should sign up as an affiliate with Beurax.

Referral Commissions

For businesses that operate using MLM, commissions are usually given for referrals.

Beurax is no different. It pays the referral commissions on new investments through a uni-level compensation method.

For the first level in this system, the uni-level method positions an affiliate at the top of a team, with every affiliate recruited personally placed under them

The first-level affiliate recruits are on a second level of the first-level affiliate uni-level team.

If the second-level affiliates are able to recruit new affiliates, they are placed on a third level. It goes on to form a pyramidal chain with a never-ending number of levels.

Therefore, the referral commissions are paid across the levels based on the level of the recruiting level affiliate and the rank of the original affiliate.

  • Silver Partners and other higher ranks can earn between 0.2% and 12% on referrals.
  • Diamond, Golden, and Silver Managers obtain between 0.2% and 11% on every referral.
  • Diamond, Golden, and Silver Consultants can receive between 0.2% to 8% on every referral.

Leadership Bonuses

The Leadership bonuses are one-time ranked bonuses, which start at the Diamond Consultant rank:

  • Qualify at Diamond Consultant to obtain $1000
  • If you qualify at Silver Manager you can obtain $2000
  • Qualify at Golden Manager to obtain $3000
  • If you qualify at Diamond Manager you can obtain $5000
  • Qualify at Silver Partner to obtain $20,000
  • Qualify at Golden Partner to obtain $50,000
  • Become a Diamond Partner to obtain $250,000
  • Qualify at Silver Director to obtain $500,000
  • Become a Golden Director to obtain $1,000,000
  • Qualify at Diamond Director to obtain $3,000,000

Though rank qualifications are met, Beurax pays whoever it wills whenever it wants. So the payment of qualified ranked leaders is somewhat problematic.

Beurax uses its only source of income, which is the investments of new affiliates to pay affiliates at the top levels.

This act makes Beurax a Ponzi scheme.

As it is with similar Ponzi schemes, as affiliates run out of new recruits, no investment comes in, starving Beurax of new income and eventually causing the venture’s collapse.

This doesn’t happen without the scheme’s chief players leaving with lots of money, leaving participants with nothing to show for their investment into Beurax.

Before you engage in Ponzi and pyramid schemes that operate similar to Beurax, your will need to think very carefully about your decision.

Beurax is similar to other scams Ponzi/pyramid schemes I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

Update 2022: Beurax Is No Longer In Business

Make no mistake about it: when a so-called business has all of the characteristics of a good ‘ol fashion Ponzi scheme, then there is only one conclusion you can come to:

It’s a Ponzi scheme!

Beurax was set up for the sole purpose of stealing as much money as possible from gullible, unsuspecting victims that Beurax called “investors.”

Those who knowingly and willingly participate in these types of deliberate fraud and deception are absolutely rotten to the core.

Frankly, the sole purpose of writing this blog post was to warn you about garbage scammers like these and to help you to see that the best way to make money online is by building your own affiliate marketing business.

Similarly, there is a resourse available that can help you achieve your goal of building your own online business.

The Platform I Used To Learn How To Make Money Online

What I strongly suggest is that your stop relying on the pyramid schemes of unknown scammers and build your own online business.

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Talk Soon,


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5 thoughts on “Beurax Review – Can You Make Big Money With This?”

  1. Hello Howard!

    Beurax is a scam. 

    They have no real verifiable proof of trading. They are not trading cryptocurrency as they claim to generate ROI. 

    ROI is generated from the recruitment of gullible investors new money only. 

    In all honesty, what has been shared in your post will help many people avoid getting scammed.

    I appreciate your recommendation to try Wealthy Affiliate and the idea of trying it out makes sense to me. 

    God bless you for sharing this offer with us and for me personally. 

    Great post shared here.

    • Hello Zayom,

      Your comments are really spot-on!

      Thank You for taking the time to read this post.

      All the best to you moving forward.

      Talk Soon,


  2. Thank you for your unbiased review of Beurax.

    I have been looking for a great review on this platform and you have provided it.

    You have saved me a lot of problems by not joining this program.

    I had no idea that dishonest people go to such great lengths to scam innocent individuals.

    • Like to ask questions
      Anybody, did you look at the domain registrar? it is not brandon watts, who is it?

      There is no bot created ever for a consistent ROI 3.6% per day for 90 days (324% ROI), why do the Beurax owners need multi level marketers? They cannot use a bot for their founders, and company staff to get rich with the automated bot by themself?

      beurax com server IP location is in France – Hauts-de-france – Roubaix – close to the Belgium border, not in Australia? why? trading online takes time to ping data, a server location matters

      URL registration is done in Panama, and name registrar is not given? Creation Date: 2020-06-19 who is this person, why is brandon watts no listed?

      No tax report available of 2020? or any previous company history of Brandon Watts with his previous company, job track record? because filing a tax report with the CEO Brandon Watts Beurax is impossible? No financial audit company in australia for beurax?

      What is the University degree/school origin of Brandon Watts, does he have a trading license or was he trained by any certified trading programs?


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