Auto Affiliate Machine Review: What Is This?

Auto Affiliate Machine Review

Are you thinking of earning loads of profit from Auto Affiliate Machine? This Auto Affiliate Machine Review will expose the truth about this product.

Are you curious to know if you can earn thousands of dollars from this system?

 Is Auto Affiliate Machine a scam?  

Interesting, I have written hundreds of reviews, so writing about Auto Affiliate machine is not different. 

I am willing to share my experiences hoping that with the products that I have seen, I will be able to provide you with the truth about Auto Affiliate Machine.

What Is Auto Affiliate Machine?

Auto Affiliate Machine Review
  • Program of Name: Auto Affiliate Machine
  • Founder: Founded by Billy Darr, David Kirkby & Justin Opay on 26th April 2018 (Pictured above)
  • Program website:
  • Fees: $17
  • Upsells: Yes, and plenty of them!
  • Do I recommend this? Absolutely Not!

The video on the Auto Affiliate Machine sales page hinted that the platform can use autopilot push buttons to generate viral traffic and commissionin 47 seconds or less!

Sounds strange, doesn’t it!

As a matter of fact, it’s one of the strangest online claims I’ve ever heard. 

I don’t even understand what that means. How can one make money in 47 seconds?

Their sales video contradicted itself because if it will take time to detect how their software works, how it can generate money for you in 47 seconds?

This so-called system also claims to generate viral traffic for you and all of this works on autopilot!

I’m here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. 

The sales video mentioned this in its first few explanations.

Auto Affiliate Machine Review – Apparent Contradictions

Auto Affiliate Machine Review

There NEVER has been, and NEVER will be, a “3 step system” for making money online!

To make statements like that is FALSE and totally misleading.

Going forward, the video also mentioned that one will have to learn how the software works before traffic can be generated.

Therefore, you will not be earning comissions in 47 seconds!

The reason I did not agree with this claim from the onset is that I understand how online marketing works.

 No system works the way Auto Affiliate Machine claims to work.

This claim is a total LIE.

Also, the claims in the video differs from the product that will eventually be handed over to you. 

The type of loud sales marketing tactics used in the sales video is unethical and very misleading. 

I must tell you that Auto Affiliate Machine is not different from other products I’ve reviewed that promise you everything but deliver nothing. 

How Auto Affiliate Machine Really Works

Auto Affiliate Machine is a cloud-based software that creates affiliate product reviews in PDF format in a matter of seconds.

That’s right…affiliate product reviews in PDF format!

This is what Billy Darr said on the Auto Affiliate Machine sales page:

“Right now, everyone is focused on review videos,  but making money with those is getting harder by the day.

So we decided to try something a little different.

Just recently we discovered that creating simple PDFs with a review of an affiliate product are great for getting free viral traffic, and people love them so much they will actually click the links inside and buy.

With Auto Affiliate Machine you don’t get the normal video reviews or the website review like the one you’re reading now.

Can You Really Make Money With PDF’s?

The owners of Auto Affiliate Machine seem to think so.

Their software helps you to create a product review in the form of PDF document.

However, don’t think you’re going to get a lot of training and tutorials on how to use this system.

Contrary to what the sales page says, the total time of the so-called video training is only 25 minutes!

25 minutes is NOT enough time to train someone how to make money online!

This is how it’s supposed to work:

You customize the product details like affiliate links, images, product name, description, eCover, and other relevant information.

Then the software will generate a simple product review in PDF file.

You can also connect Auto Affiliate Machine with up to 8 diffrent social media platforms.

This allows your PDF files to be shared automatically on your social profiles.

In actuality Auto Affiliate Machine is just a promotional-document editor + social media syndication tool.

Some products and systems like Auto Affiliate Machine can also deceive you about not doing anything to generate viral traffic.

Websites do not work that way. No software can generate traffic for you for free, you will have to pay!

Even with the money, no systemwill automate your site and put it in autopilot to generate traffic for you.

It takes a whole lot of efforts to optimize your ads and ensure they convert to money.

The truth is that just because you paid for traffic does not mean your visitors are active and have been targeted in the location you want.

No system will allow you to generate a lot of profits from clicking a few points while you wait for your money to come in thousands.

PDFs – Are We Heading Backwards Here?

Auto Affiliate Machine Review

Auto Affiliate Machine explained that people no longer use PDF’s so sharing a product review using PDF will make it go viral and get generate free traffic from people. 

Lol. Are you kidding me? 

This isn’t true! You can’t get free traffic from a cookie cutter PDF.

If you look through your social media pages these days you will discover that videos are the most popular component of social media marketing.

The reason video is so effective is everyone is too lazy to read nowadays. 

Also, it’s been established that people don’t read online – they scan webpages.

Frankly speaking, people like to be entertained, which is the reason lots of products are including sales videos instead of just pages. 

Since PDF’s are becoming a thing of the past, there is no way it will generate the kind of traffic you need to make substantia money online.

Therefore, PDFs will only get you some traffic if there is demand for your product. They are a thing of the past 

Also, know that the site you will be given is just a cookie cutter site. 

Google Dislikes Done For You Sites

It’s similar to the “done-for-you” websites that proliferate the internet these days.

Google won’t pay attention to those type of sites and you will never be on the first page of Google, Bing, or Yahoo search results.

Even for new sites, Google will only pay attention to you when you upload quality content on your site regularly. 

The bottom line is this: nobody can give you a site that will go viral and generate traffic immediately from producing PDFs.

It’s not going to work.

Auto Affiliate Machine Review

Also, Auto Affiliate Machine will also entice you with upsells which are products sold on JVZoo.

You will be bombarded with upsells after your initial purchase.

You will be asked to buy this and that to increase your chances of sales with your PDFs.

So don’t think your $17 purchase will start you on the road to wealth, because it won’t. 

No amount of “upgrade” will ever make you wealthy selling PDFs!

As a matter of fact, Auto Affiliate Machine reminds me of some other products I’ve recently reviewed:

Is Auto Affiliate Machine A Scam?

If you ask me if Auto Affiliate Machine is a scam, I will say no, it is not a scam.

The reason it’s not a scam is because with Auto Affiliate Machine, you do get some training for your money.

In my own opinion, Auto Affiliate Machine is an highly misleading and unethical product to sell.

I say this because it will not generate $100’s of dollars a day into your bank account. 

You will recieve very little training on making your PDF go viral and you will get very little to zero help and support.

What you will be offered will not be close to what I get from using other platforms. 

What Auto Affiliate Machine is great at doing is collecting your money and making you feel like a fool for buying into the hype at all.

Although this so-called program is not a scam, I do not recommend Auto Affiliate Machine, under any circumstances.

Wealthy Affiliate – A Real Affiliate Machine

If you really want to make money through affiliate marketing, it is best you learn from scratch.

On the other hand, if you’re always looking to make a quick buck or fast money, then you’re in the wrong business!

There are no shortcuts to building blogs and websites that actually make money online. 

If you learn the process that goes into making money on the internet you will have a skill that will last for a lifetime.

It is important to learn this so that you don’t keep falling for products such as Auto Affiliate Machine that won’t make money for you.

The best way to make money from affiliate marketing is to undergo extensive training that explains how to do it from beginning to end.

That’s where Wealthy Affiliate comes in!

If you’re serious about starting an online business, you need to take a serious look at Wealthy Affiliate.

My Conclusion: Try it & Make a Decision

What I want is for you to try Wealthy Affiliate yourself so you can see how thorough this platform is.

There are very unscrupulous people online who have the sole purpose of taking as much of your money as possible.

Not true with Wealthy Affiliate. The platform is set up to actually help you experience success online.

Make the decision to try the Wealthy Affiliate FREE account, no credit card needed, and see for yourself if it’s the right fit for you.

Very few online marketing platforms allow you to try their platform out for FREE.

Below is a video from one of the owners, Kyle Loudon, explaining how you can benefit from Wealthy Affiliate.

If you conclude that Wealthy Affiliate isn’t for you, you’ve lost nothing…you haven’t spent one red cent.

Make the decision today to change your financial future…

You Can Do This!

Talk Soon,


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