AMZDFY Review – Will This Help You Make Money From Amazon?

AMZDFY Review - Will This Help You Make Money From Amazon?

In this AMZDFY Review, you want to know more about Kevin David’s latest money-making opportunity.

You’re looking for more information so you can decide if this platform is right for you and if you can make money with it.

This post will tell you everything you need to know, including the background info, services offered, registration cost, and so on.

You will be able to tell if AMZDFY is a scam or a legit platform once you are done reading this post.

Let’s get started on this review.

AMZDFY Is Not For Amatuers

AMZDFY Review - Will This Help You Make Money From Amazon?

The founder of this program, Kelvin David, is a guru on Amazon FBA and has offered some popular and quality courses on Amazon FBA in the past.

However, AMZDFY is not an Amazon FBA course but a Done For your Amazon FBA Business.

Kevin is a well know Amazon FBA guru; he has about 1 million subscribers on this YouTube channel.

He also has a popular course called FBA Ninja.

In AMZDFY, you will pay $40K to the founders Kevin David (above) and David Arnette to set up your business.

Kevin David will create a business for you, select the product, handle shipping as well as every other process required.

The issue here is that investing in this platform will cost you about $40,000, and your success is still not guaranteed.

Similarly, paying this high of a price and you are not guaranteed to be successful is a big turn-off for me.

I will rather pay for the course and learn how to do the business myself unless I actually had $40,000 I could afford to lose.

However, Kelvin has free training on Amazon FBA, so I would give this free training a try before taking any step.

Frankly, an even better, less expensive, and far less risky alternative is affiliate marketing using a solid platform like Wealthy Affiliate.

Check out my blog post that provides additional information on Wealthy Affiliate: My Wealthy Affiliate Honest Review

AMZDFY Review – What You Need To Know About Amazon FBA

AMZDFY Review - Will This Help You Make Money From Amazon?

David Arnette (above) is the other half of the duo behind AMZDFY.

“AMZ” stands for Amazon and “DFY” means “done-for-you”.

Let’s talk about the Amazon FBA opportunity before we continue with this course and the brains behind it.

Currently, Amazon FBA ( FBA means “Fulfillment By Amazon) is one of the toughest and most involved methods of making money on the planet.

To complicate matters, Amazon decided recently to reduce the commission’s affiliates were making on the Amazon platform.

In other words, in the middle of a pandemic, Amazon decided to pay its affiliates LESS!

That brilliant move by Amazon caused thousands of affiliates to jump ship.

For those of you who have personally decided to stay as an affiliate with Amazon, ask yourself this: Would you pay $40K for the opportunity to be a big-time Amazon seller?

What Do You Get For You $40K?

AMZDFY Review - Will This Help You Make Money From Amazon?

David Arnett, above, the co-founder of AMZDFY, earns 8 figures as a seller on Amazon, based on information we got from his Instagram page.

Most of the difficult process will be handled on your behalf when you pay about $40,000 for AMZDFY.

The reason the price is on the high side is that the steps in Amazon FBA are numerous.

You need to:

  • discover products you feel will sell,
  • look for the products manufacturers or suppliers,
  • negotiate the price to obtain the product,
  • deal with the hassles of product shipments,
  • negotiate all charges between Amazon and the customer
  • product stocking
  • getting positive reviews, and more.

The many processes involved in Amazon FBA are one of the reasons I prefer affiliate marketing.

You don’t stress yourself with any of the processes mentioned above if you are an affiliate marketer – and you don’t need any special skills or payment to do affiliate marketing.

AMZDFY Review – Is This A Mentoring Program?

AMZDFY is not a training course but more of a mentoring program.

After paying the founders of this program, the program founders and their team will create your Amazon FBA business and handle every process required.

In addition, your products will not be stored in Amazon’s fulfillment centers but in Kevin’s warehouses.

Kevin and David are working with different brands to offer you incredible prices on different products, but you will be required to purchase stock upfront; thus, the high price.

30% Profit Goes To Them

Kevin and David will take their own share of the profits (about 30%) from every sale even after paying $40,000 or more for them to help you run your business.

You may want to know why aren’t they selling these products themselves?

Well, one person cannot run more than two accounts on Amazon. So Kevin and David can only operate 4 accounts.

Normally, selling on Amazon means you have a niche, and you sell products needed by your target customers.

Similarly, the implication here is that the owners of AMZDFY can only target four different markets.

Thus, signing up with them gives them access to two new accounts, which they can use in selling products on Amazon.

You Are Responsible For Any Risk Involved

Before joining this platform, have in mind that you take responsibility for all the risks involved.

The reason is you will be using their warehouse to store your products, which costs them nothing.

You are responsible for paying for products, and their job is to help you sell the products you purchased.

You will end up losing money if the products you paid for don’t sell.

Similarly, if the products should sell, they will take 30% as their share.

The competition on Amazon is fierce, and losing about 30% profit from sales made is huge.

Even if you use Amazon warehouses, you will still pay, but I doubt if it will be up to or more than 30% of your total sales.

AMZDFY Review – Likes and Dislikes

What I Like About AMZDFY:

  • Successful founders: Both owners of this program are known to be successful sellers on Amazon.
  • They are popular marketers and have made millions selling on Amazon. Thus, there are some benefits if you allow them to handle your business on Amazon.

What I Dislike About AMZDFY:

  • Very expensive: Allowing Kevin and David handle your Amazon business will cost you at least $40,000, that’s a lot of money given the risk involved.
  • I feel it’s better you learn how to handle the business yourself; it’s more affordable to learn (1/10th the price).
  • You alone bear the risk: Imagine spending $40k to buy products that won’t sell, and at the end of the day, you alone will bear the risk.
  • The people you paid money to have nothing to lose, just you. That’s disheartening for me; I can’t even imagine the feeling if I end up losing such amount.
  • There is no guarantee that every Amazon business will be successful, so have at the back of your mind that you may lose your funds.

AMZDFY Review – My Conclusion

Make no mistake – AMZDFY is as legit as you can get.

However, I would never recommend anyone to invest $40K on any business opportunity.

I personally don’t want someone losing that much money on a recommendation I personally made to them if the business doesn’t work out.

However, this is a difficult business model: I don’t fancy Amazon FBA at all because it’s very challenging to succeed on this platform.

Although they are successful people on the platform, including the owners of AMZDFY, this business model is really tough.

Also, I’m really disgusted with Amazon for cutting affiliate commissions the way they did.

There are numerous processes involved, and the risk you would take is very high when compared to other business models.

Personally, I would take the route of affiliate marketing.

The best platform for learning affiliate marketing as a complete beginner is Wealthy Affiliate.

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