All In Blockchain Review – Are You All In Or All Out?

All In Blockchain Review - Are You All In Or All Out?

Welcome to my All In Blockchain Review.

Take a look at the screenshot above…That’s all you’re allowed to see of the website!

It’s absolutely pathetic that these people expect you to shell out money to invest with their company in return for no information whatsoever.

In all honesty, All In Blockchain is just one giant affiliate registration form at

There is no information about the company owners or the people running this platform on their website.

The website of All In Blockchain is just a place for affiliates to sign up or members to register.

The domain name of this company ( was privately registered on the 2nd of March 2020.

I also discovered that the clip uploaded on the company’s channel on YouTube is in Turkish.

All In Blockchain Review –The New Lie…”

The description of the video released on the 28th of March reads as follows (auto-translated from Turkish):

“The platform is an independent partnership initiative founded by Mr. Muhammed COŞAN, and the company offers global education and training services in finance.”

All In Blockchain Review - Are You All In Or All Out?

I was able to trace the Facebook page of the Bitcoin scammers in Turkey through the name Muhammed COŞAN.

Part of the page is shown above, although I’m not sure which one of these is Muhammed COSAN.

What is really amazing is whats found on the same Facebook page, of which I have a screenshot below:

All In Blockchain Review - Are You All In Or All Out?

Are you kidding me? Really?

I’m supposed to invest my money with these scammers?

According to the page, Muhammed COŞAN has been operating since 2016.

Now, he claims to be an expert in England and has created this platform so the Turkish people can benefit from it.”

Getting further information on Muhammed COŞAN’s MLM history was difficult due to language barriers. I don’t understand Turkish and I’m not about to try.

Based on estimates from Alexa, at the time of publication, 91 percent of people who visit the website of All In Blockchain is from Turkey.

Tip: Before jumping on any MLM opportunity you find, make sure the company is transparent about the owners or the people running it.

If the company fails to reveal information about the people who own or run it, then think twice before joining or investing your cash.

Are There Any Retail Products Offered by All In Blockchain?

Nothing…Absolutely No retail products to offer the public.

This is a HUGE red flag.

The only thing All In Blockchain promotes or market to customers is their affiliate membership.

All In Blockchain ReviewIs There A Compensation Plan?

Affiliates on the platform will have to invest at least $30 USD to earn the promised 10-30% returns per month.

  • Receive 10% per month when you invest between $30 – $999
  • You Can Receive 12.5% per month when you invest between $1000 – $4999
  • Receive 15% a month when you invest between $5000 – $9999
  • Earn 20% a month when you invest between $10,000 – $24,999
  • Earn 30% a month as commission when you invest between $25,000 – $50,000

The company pays returns for one year, after this period, you can withdraw the principal amount invested.

All In Blockchain Review – Referral and Residual Commissions

You get 10 percent commissions on money invested by affiliates you recruit personally on the platform.

The company uses a binary compensation structure to pay members residual commissions.

In a binary compensation structure, an affiliate is placed at the top of the binary team, which consists of a left side and a right side.

In a binary team, the first level has two positions.

The second level has 4 positions, which is derived by splitting the two positions on the first level to two more positions.

Subsequent levels are formed in the team as required, and each level has twice the position as the level directly above it.

The binary team positions are filled by affiliate recruitment (direct or indirect).

Another feature of a binary team is that its growth is not limited (infinite growth).

The company, at the end of every week, sums up new investment volumes from each side of the binary team.

Affiliates receive 10% of the money generated on the weaker side of their binary team.

Once payments are made, investment volume is matched with the stronger side of the binary team and flushed. And the leftover volume on the stronger side of the binary team is carried over.

To be an affiliate member on this platform is free of charge. However, to benefit from the income opportunity, you will have to invest $30 and above.

All-In Blockchain Is An All-In Scam

Don’t get fooled by the name of this company as it has no relationship or connection with blockchain.

Blockchain has been in existence for some time now, but the All In Blockchain came to existence in March 2020; it is a new platform and they had no company or business before March 2020.

Another thing to take note of is that the company has not registered its securities offering, since it claims to be an investment platform, with any financial regulators.

Do not fall for their claims to have a forex license.

They also claim to have traders, but the truth is All In Blockchain needs to show the public and financial regulators their audited accounting reports.

You cannot use marketing slides as a substitute for legal requirements.

Turkey is well-known to have a lot of bitcoin scammers/thieves, and the All In One Blockchain founder, Muhammed COŞAN, is based out of Turkey.

Another thing to know is that this company operates illegally and is guilty of securities fraud.

All In Blockchain is similar to other fraud network marketing companies I’ve reviewed such as:

All In Blockchain Is A Ponzi Scheme

All In Blockchain carries out its operations as a Ponzi scheme.

They do not have any retail products or services; thus, they use money from new recruits to pay existing investors.

From their claims, you can get about 30% returns on investment per month if you invest with them.

Even if you have just $30 USD, you are welcome to invest.

But let’s assume the company has been operating for 5 years as they supposedly claim, which is false, now compound 30% returns during this time frame.

That means Muhammed COŞAN would be one of the richest men on earth.

But I doubt he has such money. He wants to make money with All In Blockchain, that is why he promises wealth to anyone willing to invest at least $30 USD.

All In Blockchain, just like any MLM Ponzi scheme, will lose new investment once affiliate recruitments stop.

The platform will crash as they will be no more revenue to pay investors.

When a Ponzi scheme collapses, most of the members of the platform end up losing their hard-earned cash.

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