Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid So You Can Make Money

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid So You Can Make Money

In order to become successful at affiliate marketing, you need to know What Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid. 

Affiliate marketing, selling other company’s products either digital or physical, is an excellent way to make money online.

However, if you promote affiliate products via email, there is a chance that you are making at least one of these mistakes.

Mistakes that are costing you money. 

Imagine if every time you promote a product, you make more money with no more effort because you stop making these mistakes – wouldn’t that be worth exploring?

1. Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid: Promoting A Product Without Knowing Much About It

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid So You Can Make Money

Being aware of affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid is extremely important for the growth of your business.

Just because other people are promoting a product doesn’t necessarily mean that you should, too. 

If you don’t know what it is that you’re selling, it makes sense that you’re going to do a lousy job of promoting it. 

However, years ago it was always recommended that you HAD to buy the product in order to review it.

That’s not the case anymore. Buying every new digital product that comes out can get very costly.

There is another way to review a product.

You can Google a product title and get tons of information on a specific product without buying it yourself.

By reading 3 to 5 competent product reviews, you can compose a reasonable review yourself.

Also, you can YouTube a product and watch a number of competent reviews.

If you do adequate online research, you can gather enough relevant information to compose a great review youself.

DO NOT listen to self-righteous individuals who insist that you must buy and personally use EVERY product or a business opportunity before you can review it.

Another way to review a product is to ask for a review copy from the merchant prior to launch.

This is a way to get a copy of the actual product free so you can review it.

If you politely ask,in many cases the originator of the product will make a review copy available.

2. Using The Same Promo Copy Everyone Else Is Using

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid So You Can Make Money

Another aspect of affiliate marketing mistakes. to avoid has to do with your website content.

What do think will happen if you copy and paste the same email a thousand other affiliates are sending to their lists?  

When they see you’re just a clone of everyone else, they’re going to recognize your emails as junk and hit the delete button. 

They will hit the delete button before they even read your copy.

Even if they are interested in the product, they’re going to find someone else to purchase it from who’s can give their original opinion.

Consumers not only want an insider’s perspective on a product, but they also want some personality as well.

Therefore, the point is when you write your own emails, you stand completely apart from the crowd. 

While the copy-cat, done-for-you emails are being ignored, yours are getting read and receiving clicks. 

Here is the key to success: Write your own promotional emails with your own unique personality and slant.

Write with sincerity and belief in what you are saying, and I promise you this:

You will outperform other affiliates with lists larger than your own.

3. Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid: Not Adding Value

Not adding value to the lives of your readers is another important issue on the list of affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid.

Always think of how you can add value to another person or their business. 

For example, you can add a product of your own as a bonus, or add someone else’s product as an affiliate.

Adding someone else’s product as an affiliate is the least stressful route to take when you are first starting out. 

Adding value does not have to be complicated.

Many times it can be as simple as adding a 10 page report or 5 minute video on how to do something step-by-step.  

Always be sure that the value you add is directly related to the product you are promoting. 

If the product is how to grow magnificent roses, then a report on the best places to buy rose fertilizer would be perfect. 

A video on how to plant cucumbers wouldn’t make a lot of sense.

4. Sending Nothing But Affiliate Offers

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid So You Can Make Money

Sending nothing but affiliate offers is also important when it comes to affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid.

If you want your emails to get open and read, you’re going to want to mix relevant content with your promotional emails. 

No one enjoys being sold over and over again, yet everyone enjoys getting news, how-tos, and insider advice from a “trusted friend.” 

If people start to realize that every time they read your email there’s an affiliate link attached to it, eventually they will avoid you.

In order to build a successful online business, you need to position yourself as a “trusted friend.”

Make sure at least 2/3rds of your emails contain content that is relevant to their problem or situation.

Similarly, do not attach an affiliate link to every email; people don’t want to feel they’re being sold.

This will build a relationship between you and your readers and also get your promo emails open and read.

5. The Mistake Of Hard Selling Instead Of Pre-Selling

One of the most common affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid is hard-selling your readers without developing a relationship with them.

Online marketers forget that as an affiliate, your job isn’t to sell the product. 

That’s what the sales page is designed to do.

Your job is to get your readers warmed up to the idea of what the product can do for them.

They will click on your links ONLY if they view you as their friend, not a salesman.

Don’t hard sell your readers. It won’t work.

Personally, I love to sell stuff, regardless if it’s online or offline.

However, most people resent a “hard sell” approach. 

People want solutions to their problems. What you want to be is a friend that may have the solution they’ve been looking for.

Remember, you’re selling the click, not the product. 

Therefore, when you’ve established yourself as their friend, when they click that link they are interested, eager and excited to discover more.

6. Your Content Is Not Memorable

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid So You Can Make Money

When you’re known for delivering value, your emails are much more likely to be opened and read. 

However, having great content isn’t always enough to make you stand apart from the crowd. 

You also need a hook: something that makes you stand out.

Something that makes you memorable to your readers so that each time they see an email from you, they know it could only come from you.

They remember exactly who are and why they should open the email. 

If you’re like most marketers, you probably assume you already stand out.

Do not make that assumption!

Just because you think you stand out from other marketers doesn’t mean your readers think you stand out.

You know or feel how different you are from other marketers – but do your readers know this? 

From the very first day they join your list, you should in some way differentiate yourself from the legions of bland internet marketers.

It could be by using a nickname, such as Mr. Overdeliverer.

In my personal experience, years ago there used to be a website called “The Rich Jerk”. 

The website owner branded himself “The Rich Jerk” and it worked considerably well.

So much so, that people would visit his website just to see who this “Rich Jerk” was.

Kelly Felix, the owner of the “Rich Jerk”,  was very, very successful at making himself memorable.

I remember looking at his website on a regular basis just to see what this “Rich Jerk” would say next. 

One thing I can say: Kelly Felix made himself memorable. Therefore, work at making yourself memorable!

It doesn’t have to be as bold as “The Rich Jerk” but it should leave an impression with your readers.

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid: Additional Resources

7. Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid – Not Using The Right Platform

This mistake could prove to be the most costly if you’re not careful.

If you genuinely want to make money online, you MUST learn how to do it THE RIGHT WAY.

There is no other way around it!

You need to STOP jumping from “business opportunity to business opportunity” and commit to getting the proper training.

Online marketing can be brutal if you don’t have the knowledge necessary to become successful.

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