Affiliate Advisor Group Review – Is This A Scam?

Affiliate Advisor Group Review - Is This A Scam?

Welcome to Affiliate Advisor Group Review.

You may have come upon the Affiliate Advisor Group and are wondering Is The Affiliate Advisor Group A Scam?

Though it is a proven method of making money, affiliate marketing has created tens of thousands of wealthy people, everyday people like you and me.

Certainly, affiliate marketing is a wonderful way to make money.

If done reasonably and wisely, one can actually make a very good living from it.

However, the problem in the online marketing industry are the false promises and overly hyped claims that lead people to believe that affiliate marketing is easier than it actually is.

The Affiliate Advisor Group claims that with a little effort inexperienced marketers can start to make $100 online daily.

Also, they claim you can make thousands of dollars using a system the best affiliate marketers know nothing about.

All you need to supposedly do is to “click some buttons” and watch the money roll in.

Unfortunately, it all sounds a bit too good to be true.

That’s because it is.

Real, legitimate affiliate marketing doesn’t work that way.

Is the Affiliate Advisor Group a Scam or A Way To Make Millions?

Affiliate Advisor Group Review - Is This A Scam?

That’s right – millions can be made.

Except you and I aren’t the ones who will be making millions using this platform.

The people “making millions” (or maybe tens of thousands of dollars) are the mysterious owners of this platform, who refuse to let themselves be known.

The management of the Affiliate Advisor Group website yet remains ambiguous, and registration of the domain was done in obscurity.

However, we discovered that the organization behind Affiliate Advisor Group is Oritz Capital LLC.

Affiliate Advisior Group’s “get rich sooner” message is not one you’d want to buy into.

The system Affiliate Advisor Group presents won’t help you make the amount of money they claim you can make.

To make good money online, there are ways you can do it – if you’re using the right platform.

What Is The Affiliate Advisor Group?

Affiliate Advisor Group is a website that promises to help you make thousands of dollars online via their supposedly tested, sure and proven marketing strategy.

The basis for their claims is that the platform uses affiliate marketing as the primary way to generate income.

Although affiliate marketing is a totally legit way to make excellent money online, the way the Affiliate Advisor Group is doing it is the wrong way.

The Affiliate Advisor Group DOES NOT teach people the correct way to make money online.

This is not a platform designed to cover the fundamentals of affiliate marketing so you can build your own online business.

What AAG promises is a “done-for-you” system you can set up and maintain with very little work.

They claim you can make a huge amount of money quickly with no experience necessary.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

The program costs $37 to register.

However, if you register you would be required to pay an additional $15 to access the “done-for-you” website.

If you do decide to buy, you will get access to a members area that contains some elementary training on how to make money online using affiliate marketing.

You Will Be Presented With Upsells

Although the program costs $37 to register, you would be required to pay an additional $15 to access the “done-for-you” website.

After buying the proposed course along with the additional $15 paid, you would be presented with upsells instantly.

If you like Spam, you’re going to get plenty of it!

That’s because your so-called “VIP Business Coach” is charged with upselling additional products and services.

About getting refunds, the AAG website promises customers 2-months guarantee refunds.

No one knows if their assertions are addressed or if the guarantee includes bargains made via mobile phones.

As a registered member, you will receive the promised basic affiliate marketing training, which is outdated at best.

If you choose to pay the designated $15 you get a “done-for-you” website as well as so-called fast track training.

The Affiliate Advisor Group’s promise to make money for you without you batting an eyelid is false.

This type of overblown hype is a popular marketing strategy used by scammers to make it seem like you won’t need to work to generate money.

You’ll actually do a lot of work.

Another question people ask is do you really get VIP business coaching.

My answer is an outright no.

What you will get is a glorified telemarketer, not a “coach.”

You get a person who calls you to offer you higher-priced services in order to make more money off of you.

Furthermore, Affiliate Advisor Group has never been recognized as a legitimate marketing strategy by any news platform.

What the site claims about being mentioned by news organizations is fake.

Using Fake News Stories

Affiliate Advisor Group Review - Is This A Scam?

The site uses a genuine news video that has nothing to do with the Affiliate Advisor Group.

These clips and can be used for any purpose to gain your trust so you can be fooled with ease.

Anyone can go to and hire someone to do a fake news story.

You can also purchase stock news clip videos and ended them on your website.

The way this news clip was used is very deceptive.

Numerous people will see this as legitimate and believe this is a real opportunity.

This video has been featured on the news channel of the big news guys which makes it appear like the group has been endorsed by the media when, in reality, it is not.

This is a marketing technique to make you click on the next page, which shows a sales clip professing riches, explaining the fake sales system along with the attached fake testimonials.

Fake news bulletins and convincing fake testimonials have been used from years on fraudulent websites and platforms to lure unsuspecting victims.

So, we can reasonably assume that if Affiliate Advisor Group uses fake news clippings, they’re probably using fake testimonials as well.

Affiliate Advisor Group Uses Fake Testimonials

In my honest opinion, since the Affiliate Advisor Group uses fake testimonials to attract susceptible victims to their website, it can be labeled as a scam.

For example, the so-called “testimonial” of Tracy M. is absolutely fake.

Affiliate Advisor Group Review - Is This A Scam?

When you perform a Google image search, this is what you find: “Tracy M” image has been used multiple times on the internet. No doubt she is an actor (possibly from and makes money providing fake testimonials.

Affiliate Advisor Group Review - Is This A Scam?

Below is another fake testimonial from someone supposedly named “Sarah” who Affiliate Advisor Group claims is a six-figure earner.

Affiliate Advisor Group Review - Is This A Scam?

As you can see from an image search on, “Sarah” is a fake testimonial. This is a stock photo that’s been used all over the internet!

Affiliate Advisor Group Review - Is This A Scam?

The website of AAG alleges that you can make about $500 to $5,000 weekly by doing a few minutes of work each day.

With a few clicks you’re on your way to making big money from the comfort of home.

Although making money has become simplified online, earning that much can never become that easy by a few clicks on your computer or smartphone.

If it were that easy, everyone with a laptop or good mobile phone should be a millionaire now.

Is The Affiliate Advisor Group A Scam?

Affiliate marketing is simple and can be done by anyone if it’s learned the correct way on the right platform, not by fraud and deception.

You should never expect to earn a fortune by just signing up on some website that claims to have everything done for you. It might happen in dreams but never in reality.

Is The Affiliate Advison Group A Scam?

Yes, it is.

Lets recap for a moment:

FAKE testimonials.

FAKE so-called “news releases.”

Over-hyped earnings expectations are designed to convince you to buy a product at a low price.

Affiliate Advisor Group is a SCAM and is similar to other make money online scams I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

Done-For-You Websites Will Never Get Good Rankings On The Search Engines

Done-for-you websites are terrible investments.

They won’t generate tangible traffic to the site, as you’ll need to create helpful content that is search engine optimized to get free traffic on search engines like Google.

The problem with these type of websites is you can add meaningful content to it, because it’s already “done-for-you”.

Actionable, relevant content is what Google, Bing and Yahoo look for when ranking websites.

You can’t achieve that with a “done-for-you” website.

Of course, the owners of Affiliate Advisor Group forgot to tell you that!

What the “owners” forgot to tell you is that the entire sales video for Affiliate Advisor Group present unrealistic marketing strategies and over-hyped earnings expectations.

This is all designed to convince you to buy a product at a low price (in this instance, $37), with the hope of convincing you to purchase additional upsets on the back end.

Affiliate Advisor Group has to use fake testimonials and news stories because no actual person makes a dime off it, except the owners of the website owners.

However, there’s one issue I need to address…

You’re reading this post and inquiring about Affiliate Advisor Group because you’re trying to find a way to make money online.

The problem is this: SCAM programs like Affiliate Advisor Group saturate the internet.

These cockroach scammers take advantage of people who they know are either too lazy or too reluctant to do the work necessary to create a five, six or seven figure income.

Here is an indisputable fact:

If you want to make a life-changing income, the kind of income that can provide you with a dynamic life filled with wonderful choices, you are going to have to learn how to leverage the power of the internet.

Leverage The Power Of The Internet So You Can Learn How To Make Money Online

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  1. I have been in this industry for a little bit over a year now and in my time working alongside fellow affiliate marketers. 

    While doing my own research I honestly believe that no company is willing to pay $100 to anyone just for doing the bare minimum. 

    As you said, it does not work that way. 

    You can make money by using affiliate links but when it comes to building a business, it takes more work to earn trust and actually start making money. 

    • Hello Stephanie,

      Yes, it takes a lot of work to build a successful affiliate marketing business, but I will tell you that the benefits far outweigh the initial sacrifices you have to make.

      I will continue to say that Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform available to help new internet marketers to learn how to make money online.

      Thank You for reading this blog post.

      Talk Soon,


  2. I have always wondered whether it was a scam or not. But it is hard to fine reliable articles in the Internet that actually gift thorough and concise and honest information on this. I can see that your website is one that I can actually trust in this article is certainly one that I definitely trust as well. Thank you for this great review


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